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Idealease of Texarkana is a locally owned and operated affiliate of Idealease Inc. a leading leaser of Transportation Equipment with over 400 locations in the U.S. and Canada. All affiliates are required to provide priority service to any other Idealease location’s customers in need of assistance in their area. In addition they can provide fuel, and if necessary, replacement vehicles. The breadth and strength of the Idealease network provides unparalleled support for your vehicles.

An IDEALEASE OF TEXARKANA full service lease will include these valuable services:
· Scheduled Preventative Maintenance, includes oil, lube, and filters.
· Tires (including repairs & replacement)
· 24 Hour Emergency Road Service, call 800-435-3273
· License and Inspections
· Vehicle Washing
The benefits of a full service lease from IDEALEASE OF TEXARKANA are significant, and include:
· A vehicle custom designed for your specific business.
· Release of working capital (capital is not tied up in equipment.
· Fixed expenses which allow for accurate budgeting.
· Reduction of hidden costs (such as record and book keeping expenses.
· Professional management of equipment problems throughout our network, providing total transportation services.

Idealrental customers rely on us to provide high performance rental vehicles at a moment’s notice. We understand the importance of having access to rental equipment during breakdown repairs, emergency situations, or when a sudden increase in business requires extra trucks and tractors to keep your deliveries on schedule.

Idealease locations offer a variety of truck rental equipment.  You’ll find straight trucks, day cab and sleeper tractors, flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, trailers, and even specialized equipment in our rental fleet.  Rental terms are designed to meet your needs. Vehicles may be rented for one day or for monthas at a time.  Our rental fleet allows our customers the ability to manage increases in demand, emergency situations, and repair schedules.

For large fleets with multiple locations in North America, Idealease also offers the Idealease North American Rental Program for an easy way to rent trucks from Idealease.  The program offers consistent pricing, one-time credit approval, and one insurance documentation at more than 400 Idealease truck leasing and rental locations.  All insurance documentation, credit approval, pricing, and service requirements are issued from our corporate office to our field locations.  Our full service lease and rental customers are then able to secure truck rental equipment from any Idealease facility without the hassle of setting up individual accounts.

With more than 400 locations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and more than 8,000 vehicles in the truck rental fleet, Idealease covers North America like no other full service transportation company.